SaaS Retail Analytics Solution

Set up and ready to use in 5 minutes

Cyclops Cloud-based Retail Analytics Solution connect to your in-store cameras to analyse footfall, engagement times, and much more.

Visitor #003

Arriving at 9:35 AM


Store A

Dwell Time

3.4 Min

Age Group




One-stop Store Analysis Platform


Cloud-based Solution

No Extra Hardware Required

只需要利用店鋪原有設備即可使用. 不需另外購置店舖分析設備.

Multi-zone per Camera

用戶可以定義多個區域來收集數據進行分析, 更符合成本效益.

New form of Retail Technology

Business Intelligence Platform

We fully understand that the old solutions that rely on additional hardware for retail analysis are troublesome for you. Cyclops uses your existing camera to collect and analyze store data. Bring you an unprecedented experience, using an existing lens in your shop to track data in different areas.

Data and Insight for your Physical Space


Optimise the Customer Journey

with Cyclops

Did they look at the promotion display?

Did they walk into the store?

Are they attracted by the promotion products?

Did they go to the checkout counter?

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Simple and Powerful

Analyze your store has never been easier!

Why Cyclops
is the best for you?

Cyclops uses your existing camera to collect and analyze store data. Giving you accurate and real-time insight.

Your All-In-One
Retail Analytics Solution

Get started in four simple steps with your existing camera. Analytics can be adjusted or changed on the online platform easily and flexibly.

Privacy & Data Security

Data Cyclops strives to collect data responsively while ensuring individual privacy. Also, client's data is our #1 priority!

Acquire data like never before



Number of traffic pass by but not entering specific location

Zone Traffic

No. of people enter a user-defined zone from all direction


Number of traffic

enter specific location

Engagement Count

No. of engaged people enter a user-defined zone from all direction

Dwell Time

Visitors’ average staying / browsing time

Engagement Time

Average time people who slow down or stop spend in user-defined zone

Queue Time

Average time spent at queuing zone


Happy, neutral,

sad or angry


Average percentage

of female & male

Age Group

Average percentage

of different age group



KPI Analysis

Review and compare the performance of your Sales, Traffic and Engagement with useful metrics widely adopted in the industries.

Heatmap Analysis

Heatmap indicates the amount of time the customers are spending at different parts of the store. The warmer colors refer to places where people linger and the cooler colored areas are the places where customers spend the least time at.

What you need


Any RTSP-supported cameras with internet connected.


Simple settings to ensure your camera connects to Cyclops securely.

Internet speed

1Mbps for one 720p camera, more bandwidth for higher resolution cameras.


Why Cyclops is a Game Changer for Moët Hennessy 

Hennessy sought to understand how the customers behave at their exhibitions so as to create a more customer-centric journey.


Visitor Dwell Time


Return of Investment


Over 250,000 brands
in Asia are using Cyclops