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Retail Analytics

Insightful Retail Analytics with Your Cameras

A SaaS cloud-based AI solution that can connect most video cameras to acquire, evaluate and interpret in-store data

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Cloud-based Shopper Analytics

Real-time Shopper Analytics

on Cloud made easy

Analysing more than 150,000 videos per day, Cyclops can connect most video cameras to acquire, evaluate and interpret in-store data in real-time

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Video Footages transmitted through the Internet

Valuable data and insights about your visitors

Proudly presents Amazon Web Services as

our premium cloud partner

IP Cam-compatible

An extra layer of intelligence on top of your existing infrastructure

Advanced AI

Our proprietary AI algorithm is trained on real-world retail data to ensure the highest accuracy


Cyclops is built 100% on cloud, ready to scale as per your needs

Find out why visitors engage

Evaluate the visitor experience inside your store or property with the state-of-the-art in-house algorithm

Customer Engaged
Customer Not Engaged
Customer Engagement Metrics
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The single tool

that benefits

different teams


  • Evaluate marketing campaign

  • Find potential promotion spots

  • Provide insights to promotion space tenants


  • Identify peak and non-peak hours

  • Allocate more staff to popular zones 

  • Get alerted for sudden events

Cyclops drive digital transformation across teams in your organization. The actionable insights acquired by Cyclops can apply in multiple sectors

Strategy / Leasing

  • Evaluate tenant mix

  • Use traffic data for rent calculation

  • Strategic planning for future project

Explore what Cyclops can do

for different industries





Event & Exhibition

Commercial Building

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