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Data export to Excel and Email made easy

We are excited to share with you that Data Export just got a major upgrade and from today onwards you will be able to export data in CSV and Microsoft Excel format and send it via email. We have been listening to our users' feedback and suggestions on how to make Cyclops a better software and one of the key discussion topics is about how to make sharing of data and collaborative work more convenient. Time is precious for everyone so we want to expedite the process as much as possible! A complete walkthrough of this feature can be found here.

Send an email with custom title and body

Email content customisation is also made possible so that you can provide more information to the email recipients to understand the context more effectively.

Achieve more with Microsoft Excel

Data exported with excel comes with Excel table form at which offers great filtering and charting capability

Once you have the excel file, the possibilities are limitless. You can merge with your operation data to find more correlations or create a series of charts that help your management to understand the story behind the data.

Be creative and create stunning data visualizations that help you find trends and insights

What's next?

This is just the beginning of our automation focus on Cyclops, email scheduling is definitely one of the areas we would look into in the future and we would let you all know when we have a solid timeline on this. So, please stay tuned for more future upgrades!


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