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How Cyclops Can Help to Enhance Customer Experience

© 2013 Mike Massaro

Challenge: Understanding customer journey through brand exhibitions

A luxury cognac brand regularly holds exhibitions to educate visitors about the brand and increase brand awareness among customers. The event allows visitors to explore and understand the whole cognac-crafting process of the brand through videos and interactive infographic boards. The brand aims to design their exhibits in a way such that visitors can actively engage within the exhibition.

The brand sought to understand how their customers behave at their events to create an exceptional journey throughout their exhibitions.


The brand deployed Cyclops at its 2018 and 2019 event in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Cyclops is a SaaS cloud-based AI retail analytics solution that can connect surveillance cameras to acquire, evaluate and interpret the video stream data.

Cyclops helped the cognac brand to track
  • The duration of time that visitors stay in each room (i.e. dwell time)

  • The demographics of visitors (Age group, Gender, etc.)

  • Emotion change of visitors at each stage of the show

  • At the 2018 event in Hong Kong, the average dwell time at one of the rooms was well below the playing time of the video that demonstrates the entire cognac-making process. Only 5% of visitors stayed to watch the whole video.

  • Visitors spent most of their time at the bar, where they could enjoy a glass of handcrafted masterpiece of cognac. At the 2018 event, visitors spent 78% of their time at the bar, and at the 2019 event, visitors spent 85% of their time at the bar.

  • At the 2019 event in Taiwan, the brand implemented some changes to the room by adding some chairs so that visitors could have a place to sit down while enjoying the video. This simple change resulted in a 65 percentage point increase in the number of visitors staying for the full length of the video.

  • Instead of allocating staff evenly to all rooms, the brand decided to assign more staff to the bar, where demand from customers was high. Cyclops analysis showed that customers at the bar had the highest percentage of positive emotions among all rooms at the exhibition.

“Our mission is to craft great experiences for consumers, and our vision is always to be one step ahead. These insights are extremely useful for planning our next event to make the experience even better. The setup requirements were easy, and we aim to deploy Cyclops in most of our key events within the region. They will be our long-term partner, providing insights that help us craft better experiences for consumers.” — Quote from our client


Cyclops is a retail analytics system that can help retailers generate insights into how their customers shop inside their stores. To understand more about how Cyclops can help retailers digitally transform their stores amid the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our website:


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