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Yuzu Group

A Thailand-based restaurant group that

operates seven food and beverage outlets

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Understand Consumer Behaviour to Convert More Customers

Cyclops enabled Yuzu to convert unraveled customer behaviour into extra revenue from the opportunities. With the deployment of Cyclops, and after analyzing the storefront passage data of a restaurant that resides in a shopping mall, Yuzu had pushed forward the opening hour of the restaurant for an hour as customers found wandering around the restaurant much earlier than the opening time. Yet, the minor adjustment could boost the revenue of Yuzu while saving extra costs in bringing in more customers during a standardized operating hour across all outlets.

Review Operational Practices and
Identify Customer Behaviour

It is incredibly helpful for restaurants to review and define the opening hours based on the insights from Cyclops, where each restaurant may require a dedicated operating time. As a successful use case, we were able to help Yuzu identify the varying customer behaviour of each of its F&B outlets so that human resources can be managed and allocated efficiently.

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More About Yuzu Group

A Thailand-based Japanese culinary group, Yuzu, which owns seven food & beverage brands across Thailand, strives to improve the operation efficiency of across the group restaurants to enhance the dining experience for its customers.

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